Bat Control


Bat Control and Removal

An understanding of how important bats are to our ecosystem, our bat removal program is designed for each situation to ensure no harm is incurred, So we don't "exterminate" bats. We use various exclusion devices to get them out of buildings and then we seal every single crack, crevice, and hole in the building to keep them out.

We also offer histoplasmosis remediation, Parasite sterilization, sanitizing and odor control. (Please note that guano removal and insulation replacement, if needed, are quoted separately from bat removal and exclusion.)

The Hidden Danger of Bat Guano

Ask nearly anyone, and you’ll hear that bats (although beneficial in insect control) can be dangerous because they carry rabies. But a lesser known danger, and one that is not as easy to avoid, is histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a disease you can get from exposure to bat guano (bat droppings).

Below is a quick list of common questions we get about histoplasmosis.

What is Histoplasmosis?

It is an infectious disease caught by inhaling the spores of the histoplasma capsulatum fungus.

While it is not contagious between two people, the disease can affect a wide variety of the population who may not even be aware they are at risk.

Should I be concerned about getting histoplasmosis?

Anyone can get histoplasmosis. There are, however, certain people whose occupations make 

the risk of exposure greater than others. Included in that group are chimney cleaners, construction workers, gardeners, HVAC installers or repair people, roofers, and, of course spelunkers (cave explorers). In reality, however, anyone who comes across the fungus can get histoplasmosis.